Rep The Springfield Lucky Horseshoes!

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  • Primary Horseshoe:

    The Horseshoe Sandwich was named after it's appearance that resembled an actual horseshoe. With this primary logo, we've brought the horseshoe to life complete with a french fry bat with a drip of cheese sauce.

  • Capitol Horseshoe

    The Horseshoe is a staple of Springfield. This culinary masterpiece consisting of bread, a hamburger patty, fries, and homemade cheese sauce can be found all around the Capital City. This horseshoe truly represents the capital city of Illinois with its structure resembling the Illinois State Capitol Building.

  • Lincoln Penny

    Not only was Abraham Lincoln a fan of baseball, but according to an article in the Chicago Tribune, "it's Lincoln whom evidence suggests deserves to be called the first baseball president.

    We reimagined the design of a penny to represent Lincoln's love of the game and as a way to represent America's 16th President within this new era of baseball in Springfield.

  • "S" for Springfield

    This sleek and simple block ā€œSā€ secondary logo is a nod to the classic imagery of the history of both baseball and the Capital City.